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Archeffect Interiors & fit out, is one of the leading fit out companies in Egypt offering turn key interior design & fit out services covering all designs, approvals, contracting, space planning, refurbishment fit out, signage, decoration in Egypt Archeffect has grown exponentially, while maintaining the same low prices. All the products and services we provide are individually designed & tailored to our clients specific needs and budget requirements.

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Archeffect Interiors & Fit Out

Archeffect, An architecture & design company based in Egypt. We work with an eagle's eye towards achieving the ultimate Interior design styles with special focus on architecture, furniture, interior lighting and other miscellaneous components of design. Anyone with a sense of style would realize what trends are coming up in interior designing when they take a tour of our finished projects. All our concepts and products are designed based on the underlying principles of sustainability.




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Interior Design

Providing colourful 3D shots to illustrate the look and feel of the design

Fit out

Our fit out services are unmatched in terms of skilled and high-quality office fit-out and shop fit-out facilities.


As part of our services our professional procurement team of FF&E consultants work closely with suppliers to provide fully customized furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) solutions.


Due to increasing demands on modern building standards, a complex range of technical building equipment is needed for new buildings and refurbishments. To guarantee a smooth implementation of the supply technology


Archeffect Construction Management can optionally also help to finance your project. As a financially strong and reliable partner, we make sure that your building will be finished and made available to you within the expected budget and timeframe.

Residential Interior Design

Archeffect interiors & Fit out with its competent and best residential interior designers Egypt maintain up-to-date knowledge about the most modern tastes in residential interior design offerings. We can discuss all the fine details including furnishings, colors, and fixtures of your living room.

Commercial Interior Design

Our top class interior designers are hand-picked from the leading interior design companies in the country and offer an unrivaled degree of experience in the field of commercial interior design. We consider the needs of our consumers for any commercial project and how the space can be used to ensure optimum flow and a compound atmosphere.

Hospitality Interior Design

We curious, creative and committed hospitality interior design services provider, establishing partnerships with loyal clients. Our interior design for companies in the hospitality sector is mainly related to hotels and inns, restaurants & cafes, lounges, spas, clubs and other servitude areas.

Architectural Residential Designs

We're excited about architecture. Our architecture team develops creative design concepts and innovations that are location specific with a proven experience and understanding of residential design. From idea to building detail, we put together both expert architecture and engineering expertise.

Architectural Commercial Designs

We have many years of experience in commercial architecture, so we know that good commercial design ventures require close collaborations between architects and consumers. The team at our architecture design company also enhances both practical and environmental efficiency.

Architecture Hospitality Designs

From big to small hotels, we have branding skills for all. Acting with the unique design requirements of major hotel franchises as well as individual brands, we have considerable experience. Our experience varies from midscale to upscale and luxury

Landscape Design

Archeffect is a firm powered by exceptional talent to create personalized landscape design spaces. We aim to develop our expertise and skills to support the project of each client as if it were our own, because it is!

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interior design tips
28 Jul

Tips To Make Your Home Look Stylish And Elegant

Your home is a reflection of you, so if you love a piece that doesn't fit the color scheme or style of the room, throw it away - and typically don't. Many people have no room for essential accessories, and they fail to add elegant and classic accents to where they live. Make the house stylish with the personal touch you have given it.

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Interior Design styles
28 Jul

Interior Design Styles

For interior styles that require a little more explanation, they are a mix of different styles. Some enjoy combining elements of different styles to create their ideal look. For example, a modern interior style can be anything from clean, clean angles and lines to a simple color scheme.

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Home Interior Design: Essential Home Remodel Tips & Tricks
28 Jul

Home Interior Design: Essential Home Remodel Tips & Tricks

Interior walls can clatter the space in a small house, making it feel crowded and removing many practical storage, lighting and flow options. This is especially true for kitchens and dining rooms in older homes, so consider separating this space from the living area. Some homeowners want open floor plan where kitchen, family room and dining room share a large open space.

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classic interior design
28 Jul

Classic Interior Design

This classic combination dates back to 14th century China, when blue and white porcelain was developed, and was blown up in the Netherlands in the 17th century and exported as glazed earthenware to Delft throughout Europe.

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28 Jul

Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design is an approach that creates optimal conditions for artistic freedom and self-expression and provides space for experimentation and a canvas on which to play with white space, elegant materials and clean lines. Overwhelm our list of modern interior designers who not only exert a strong contemporary influence on the spaces in which they put their creative hands, but also on the entire industry.

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Neoclassical Interior Design
30 Jul

Neoclassical Interior Design

The neoclassical style developed as a reaction to the then popular Baroque and Rococo style. It was called "Louis confiscated" by Louis XVI, inspired by archaeological discoveries, trips to Italy, Greece and the Middle East and the publication of works of classical monuments in Europe. When the European Renaissance arose in Italy, this style was accepted as the holy grail of design and expression in culture.

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How To Choose The Right Interior Designer For Your Project
30 Jul

How To Choose The Right Interior Designer For Your Project

When choosing the right interior designer for your project the key to what you want is not only their creative style, but also the ability to communicate with them to ensure you understand what you want to achieve. Some designers prefer to consult the customer at every step of the process, while others prefer full creative control, but you will want to know in advance what to expect. As a customer, you should know who you want to work with, how much commitment you can expect and when to start.

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How To Use Natural Light In Your Home Design?
30 Jul

How To Use Natural Light In Your Home Design?

Interior designers often use mirrors to make a room appear larger than it actually is. You can position mirrors near windows or in corridors to play with light and create greater reflections.

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